Reading Mostly Women – May 2018

I’m spending 2018 reading mostly women. Only mostly, because I don’t want to be too restrictive about these things. If I read a book by someone who is not a woman I won’t have “failed”. I’m also trying to read books that are recommended to me, books by people I follow on Twitter, that kind of thing.

April’s post

In May I read:

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Renni Eddo-Lodge – I’d seen bits of this on Twitter and thought it would be worth looking at. Don’t expect a fun time, but do expect to learn things. Did you know that the UK census didn’t ask about race til 1991?

Here’s Looking At You by Mhairi McFarlane – the second book by this author I’ve read this year – a fun mistaken-identity romcom. My favourite description is of a man who “looked like he might win boat races or get a small role as a philanderer with velcro mutton-chops on Downton Abbey”. (one character is the victim of some fatphobic bullying though so avoid it if that’s going to upset you)

The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers – Imagine a book about starting a new job and getting to know your co-workers, and visiting places with your new co-workers and meeting their friends – but IN SPACE. This is cosy and lovely and includes the useful point that when you’re encountering other sentient people whose gender you don’t know (and who may or may not have a gender as you recognise it) you need to have a think about pronouns.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins – Rachel does #SexyHistory threads on Twitter. This is not quite SO sexy because it’s focused on a teenager, but it is a fun story about what happens when your (much more put-together) big sister is marrying a prince.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – I started this because I saw that it was to become a TV show with Alex Kingston and Matthew Goode. Some of the blurb described it as “Twilight for grownups” (isn’t that 50 Shades) but in this case our main character does have a personality, she’s not a blank cipher for the reader to inhabit. I got to the end of book 1 just as they were about to do some TIME TRAVEL so of course I then continued to book 2 straight away, something I haven’t been doing so far this year.


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