Gousto – Perfect picnic spelt and lamb meatballs

Another fresh-meal box to try out, this time Gousto courtesy of my friend Helen – if you want to use her code to get £25 off your first box (meaning I got a box of 3 meals for 2 people for a tenner) then here’s the code.

The Yodel courier decided to leave the box at the reception of my building rather than outside my door as requested, so all the ingredients were out of the fridge for well over 24 hours, but the chilled stuff still felt cold to the touch and I think it won’t kill me.

Delivery was on the 5th (and it was the 6th by the time I got hold of it) and all of the meats have dates of the 9th. Not ideal as I’d like to be able to order a box for a week and then use all through that week.

gousto lamb meatball card

I dislike the use of “perfect” in the title – just tell me what we’re making, don’t overload it with adjectives. I’ll decide if it’s perfect thanks very much. I do appreciate the “picnic” suggestion. It’d be good to have some tips on serving cold or storing/transporting, if we were really going to have this at a picnic.

gousto lamb meatball recipe

I liked the step by step pictures on the card – good for if you are unsure as to how finely to chop things.

gousto lamb meatball ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients here, but the instruction for most of them is “mush together with your hands to make meatballs”. The instructions said to make 6 meatballs – I made 8 and if you are planning to have this as an actual picnic I’d recommend making a larger number of smaller balls.

I don’t know if spelt is tricky to get hold of, but if it is then bulgur wheat or pearl barley or even couscous would be just fine.

The sumac is the only one of the spices/flavourings that I don’t usually keep in stock, and it does make a difference. I guess you could use a bit of lemon juice in the meatballs and then paprika to get a red sprinkle.

gousto lamb meatballs with spelt

Not too tricky to make, not too much washing up (just one pan on the hob and one in the oven), not too much time or effort.

I am not always keen on fruit+meat combinations, but in this case the cranberries in the meatballs added a nice chewyness and were sweet without feeling wrong.


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