Hello Fresh Jamie Oliver Chicken Stir Fry (without broccoli)

The third recipe from my Hello Fresh box. One was here. The second here.

I’ll admit that the changes I had to make here were partially my fault. I knew that I would be eating out a few days this week, so I checked the dates on the meat/fish part and made them in the order of how long they would last. I just forgot to check how long a head of broccoli lasts without going a bit weird and yellow.

However, for a service aimed at people who are busy, that’s delivered once a week, I don’t think I was unreasonable to expect ingredients that were delivered on the Sunday to be OK on the following Saturday (within the week). Perhaps Hello Fresh should pack up the ingredients for each recipe together and label with things like “if eating with 3 days keep me at room temp, if not you might want to fridge me”.

Hello Fresh Jamie Oliver stirfry card

So this recipe was supposed to have broccoli, and instead I used sugarsnap peas. Because I had some in the fridge. If I hadn’t I would have been rather disappointed. As it was this recipe was FINE, but not very exciting or novel.

Hello Fresh Jamie Oliver stirfry recipe

As with the pork belly stew, there was not a lot of meat here. Unlike the risotto, I did not think that the carb portions were noticeably generous. I’d normally allow 75-100g of pasta per person, and here we had 125g of noodles between two.

Hello Fresh Jamie Oliver ingredients

There was a lot of chopping to do here. The recipe instructed me to do all the chopping before starting. I understand that this is aimed at people who don’t cook a lot (hence my previous comments on expecting me to have the equipment to zest a lemon) but telling me to chop everything beforehand seemed unnecessary. I could do some of the chopping while the noodles were boiling.

Hello Fresh chopped things

I normally like Jamie Oliver recipes, and I like the co-branding. These two things do go together. However I was not convinced by the instructions on how long to cook the vegetables for. Very few people can slice carrots finely enough that this much stir-frying would result in them being anything other than very hard and crunchy.

Hello Fresh Jamie Oliver stirfry

This was a pleasant dinner, and I liked the fish sauce on the noodles, but I don’t feel as if I learned or discovered anything. Apart from “meat is not the only thing that might go off after 6 days”.


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