Hello Fresh Cod with Lemony Risotto

Recipe #2 from my Hello Fresh box – #1 was here.

In contrast to the chickpea stew – this was not a one-pot recipe. It was a one-pot (risotto), one-frying-pan (cod), one roasting-tin (tomatoes) recipe.It would have been even more if I’d done as suggested and used another pan to keep my stock hot while very very slowly adding it to the risotto, but I don’t believe in mollycoddling risotto. Chuck in “quite a bit” of stock, give it a stir, and do something else for 5 minutes. What’s the worst that could happen?

All that said, I thought this was a good recipe and I would make it again.

The portions were generous too – 175g of risotto rice for 2 people is more than I would normally use.

Hello Fresh recipe card cod and risotto

I didn’t use the tomatoes provided because I had some cherry tomatoes that were starting to go a bit soft – I would suggest using more tomatoes than it says and more than you think you need because they shrink quite a bit while roasting and they make the meal look better than just some white-beige food. Not that there’s anything wrong with beige food of course.

Hello Fresh cod risotto recipe

Some people say you shouldn’t have parmesan with fish-based food. I think they are probably just wrong. Although if you are making this for a pescetarian, parmesan is always (by definition) made with animal rennet. So whether you can use it will depend on how strict they are on animal products.

cod risotto ingredients

I didn’t obey the presentation instructions – I scattered the tomatoes on top of the risotto rather than stirring them in. Even with using more tomato than instructed there were not that many of them.

Cod risotto

The recipe required you to have the means to grate the parmesan and zest the lemon – perhaps not something that someone unused to cooking would have. And again you had to measure out water for the risotto. Instructions of “you may not want to use all the stock” might also have been useful, although in my case it worked out fine.

Good recipe, the best of the box I’d say, and good for getting me to cook something I wouldn’t normally cook as I rarely choose fish.


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