Hello Fresh Pork Belly and Chickpea Stew

I can’t decide whether I am a fan of Hello Fresh or not.

£39 seems a lot to spend on 3 meals for 2 people, especially when M&S does Dine in for £10 and includes a bottle of wine.

On the other hand it does nicely give you all the bits to make a meal from scratch, and you can keep the recipe card.

I think really I am just not their target market.

I am, however, a person who easily gets stuck in a rut of cooking the same thing all the time, so when a friend offered a code to get £25 off my “first” box, I said yes. You can use her code ZEBZBH too and get the same deal if you like – just enter it when you get to the checkout stage. I think she’ll get some money off. £14 for a box sounded very reasonable and it’d get me cooking something that I hadn’t chosen.

Recipe #1 in my box was this

Hello Fresh Pork belly recipe


It helpfully includes a picture of what all the ingredients look like so you can find them in the box. It even makes clear that a garlic CLOVE is not a garlic BULB (apparently this is a likely mistake…)

Pork belly stew ingredients

Here they all are on my counter. The pack of pork belly was only 150g – this is really a vegetable stew flavoured with pork belly, not a “pork belly stew”. The mini squeezy pack of red wine vinegar was cute and clever.

Hello Fresh Pork Belly Stew recipe

The recipe is here. I did nearly everything it said except

a – I used more than one garlic clove to make my garlic ciabatta

b – I didn’t measure 200ml, I guessed it. I imagine that people who buy a pre-measured box of ingredients might not even HAVE the means to measure 200ml.

Garlic ciabatta

Simple but effective – garlic toasts made this feel more special.

Pork belly stew made

The finished meal was of a decent size and had very good flavour – anything with a lot of smoked paprika would! The bunch of spring greens seemed massive at first and took a bit of persuading to go into the pan. If I made this again I’d cut them a lot smaller than the recommended “2cm strips”. Everything else is small and spoonable and the long strips of green are a bit annoying.

Recipe rating: easy. Took around the suggested 30 minutes. Would possibly make again, but probably just with bacon rather than trying to find pork belly.


2 thoughts on “Hello Fresh Pork Belly and Chickpea Stew

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