How to cook perfect aloo tikki

A grandiose promise of a title – simply copied from the Guardian article from which I got my inspiration. A more accurate title would be “How I cooked some perfectly nice aloo tikki”.

I didn’t know what aloo tikki was – I can read Indian menus well enough to know that aloo means potato and I love potato, so that was good enough. It’s friend potato cakes, and it handily can be made out of things that I usually have lying around.

So: boil some potatoes. peel or unpeeled, whatever you would normally do for mash.

While they are boiling, fry some onion (red in this case), with some ginger and garlic. I used jarred ginger and garlic pastes.

peas and onions

When the potatoes are nearly soft, throw some frozen peas and some garam masala and black mustard seeds into the onion pan.  I added turmeric as well because I felt that yellowness was required, but this also added yellowness to my hands when rolling the balls.

Drain the potatoes well. Mash them and then stir in the onion mix.

aloo tikki mix

Clean out the onion pan well, put in some oil. Or use another pan if someone else is doing the washing up.

Make balls or patties or whatever shape you think is correct out of your mash-and-onion-and-stuff mixture. Dip in flour of some kind. This is hard to do when it’s hot, unless you have teflon hands, so if you can try to allow for some cooling-down time.

Fry the balls.

aloo tikki cooking

So far everything is ACCIDENTALLY VEGAN (the best kind of vegan in my opinion). I’m going to eat it with yoghurt so that’ll be gone, but you could eat with plant based sauces if you chose.

aloo tikki with yoghurt

I have greek yoghurt there with mint and salt stirred into it. These are not the prettiest thing, but they are tasty.

It’s a bit difficult to go wrong with fried potato…




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