Cauliflower rice – because January

I know, I know, how ridiculously stereotypical to be making something low-carb on the last day before “back to work”.

I love rice, but I’m open to the idea of having an alternative source of “white stuff” with fewer calories.

I used 150g or so of cauliflower. Maybe a third of an average head? Mine was in a pack of “cauliflower and broccoli” and I’ll do something else with the broccoli.

Wazz it up, as Jamie Oliver would say. This means you’ll need to clean a blender, which I bet Jamie never does himself. I used my Nutribullet, adding to the list of things I’ve made in it that do not contain 1/2 green veggies. This is not because it is superior in any way, it’s just easier to clean up. If you don’t own, or do not wish to wash up, a wazzing device, you could attempt to grate the cauliflower instead.

uncooked cauliflower rice

Here it is in a dry non-stick frying pan, looking a bit like fake snow. I’ve sprinkled some turmeric over it, which rather ruins the snow effect (never eat yellow snow!).

I then wandered off, which I do not recommend you do, and came back to a smell a bit like toast. Scraped (gently, with a wooden utensil) the cauliflower off the pan and it came out an interesting mottled yellow-and-black-and brown colour. Not entirely unattractive.

cauliflower rice with curry

This is it with my curry (and some steam). The amount it made was not huge – I’d recommend using a bit more, maybe half a head per person. Raw cauliflower is 25 calories per 100g according to Google so I think we can be pretty relaxed on the quantities.

How does it taste? Well, it tastes a bit of cauliflower and a bit of the black bits of burnt toast. But when used to soak up curry sauce it tastes of curry sauce. So I’d call that a success.


2 thoughts on “Cauliflower rice – because January

  1. Instead of frying your “rice” you can also pour over boiling water and then press out excess water with a back of a spoon. The curry looks delicious!

    • Thanks for the tip – I wasn’t sure if that way might turn out a bit soggy!
      The curry is a bit of a cheat – just chicken marinated in yoghurt mixed with pre-mixed “curry spices”, with some tomato and red pepper.

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