2015 Book Challenge – #21 – The End of Mr Y

The End of Mr Y by Scarlettt Thomas was another Twittter recommendation, like Station Eleven
“What happens when a terrific novelist misses her big shot?” asked the tweet. A terrific novelist, you say? I’ll have a look at this. The article describes the book almost in horror-story terms, ” the narrator… discovers a copy of a famously rare, cursed book by the Victorian writer who’s the subject of her thesis, a work reputed to kill everyone who reads it”.
Slate books tweet
The result is not a horror story but a nice real-world-based fantasy story, and one in which the characters all have desires and interests and thoughts and features beyond “I am a person who has just got caught up in a fantasy story”.
Once I’m finished with my challenge I intend to seek out more by this author. The article almost warns against reading her next book, saying “You can see why Thomas might want to write a novel like this. It’s harder to see why masses of people would want to read it, especially if they have been primed for thrills by the mind-blowing escapades of The End of Mr. Y.”, but I am just as interested in the way she builds characters as the way she builds magic.



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