The Artisan Gin Maker’s Kit – review

This is in the same “homemade” camp as sloe gin – I’m obviously not distilling my own spirit, just flavouring some existing booze.

gin kitThis is the box, I got it for my birthday

gin kit contents

Contents: vodka, empty bottle, funnel, tea strainer, and two little tins. One has juniper berries, the other has “aromatics”. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to pick and choose my aromatics, and that the individual dried flowers and seeds were not named.Cardamom was definitely involved. Possibly fennel seeds. Some flower petals. And some other stuff.


gin kit step 1

I put the juniper berries in, shook the bottle, waited a bit (maybe longer than I was supposed to), then added the other seeds and flowers and things.

gin kit step 2Filtered through the tea strainer into the bottle, this is much yellower than most gin.

Side note – how many other people were disappointed on discovering that Bombay Sapphire was in a blue bottle and not actually blue?

gin kit testing

This definitely tastes of gin. Quite strongly fragranced, with mainly spices. One for people who like a robust gin.

Verdict: This is a good gift. You don’t “get your money’s worth” in terms of ingredients, but the box and setup and giftyness makes it nice. And I do have some nice gin now.

One thing I’d change: Split the aromatics into a couple of tins and let people choose to infuse them for different amounts of time to vary the flavour.

Make it yourself: You could get a bottle of generic vodka, a selection of seeds and flowers (juniper mandatory, everything else optional), a tea strainer, a funnel, and a pretty bottle and put into a nice gift bag. It would basically work just as well.




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