2015 Book Challenge – #16 – My Family and Other Animals

First post of the 2015 book challenge is here

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell was recommended to me without any particular explanation, so I started it “cold”.

I only really glanced at the cover – if I had paid attention I would have noticed the “50 year anniversary edition” badge. When I read The Goldfinch, I stopped a little way through to look at when it was set, because I felt that it could be any time from 1950 to the present. In this book I also stopped to check the time – 1930s.

This is a very pleasant and nicely-described story without much going on. It reminded me rather a lot of the early parts of Life of Pi (before they get on the boat), where Pi is dabbling in every religion going.

The eccentric family and Greek “peasants” feel a little over-the-top, but exaggeration can be forgiven in reminiscences.

The anthropomorphizing about of all of the animals (particularly dogs, and magpies) is by turns amusing and just a bit too much for me.


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