Lunchbox noodle soup

Not quite a complete “lunchbox” – you need access to a kettle and microwave – but a lot cheaper than buying lunch out.

I’ve been trying not to buy £5+ lunches so often, after my live below the line challenge, but I’ve never been a fan of sandwiches.

This is a low-prep lunch that means  get something hot for not too much money.

lunchtime noodle prep

The night before, I chopped up some green beans, some red onion, red pepper, and put a handful of spinach into the tub. Sugarsnap peas are also good. If you use carrot you’ll want to cut it very very finely or use a peeler to get ribbons – carrot is too hard otherwise as none of these veg will get much cooking. Water chestnuts or bamboo shoots (from a tin) would work well too.

I have little individual packets of 50g of rice noodles from the Chinese shop, but you can get some that are just as good in the supermarket (these are a little thicker which is nice to eat, but the nests are not individually wrapped). Wheat egg noodles would be OK too if you get fine ones.

For flavouring the liquid I had a spoon of thai curry paste – I’ve also done it with half a stock cube and a spoonful of ginger (the kind that comes ready-prepped in a jar). A splash of soy sauce always makes liquidy things taste better.

Put everything into a bowl, cover with water from a hot kettle, and microwave on high for 4 mins or so.

noodle bowl

Voila. Lunch. Slurpy slurpy slurp. (Make sure you have some napkins)


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