I made chapatis and it was easy

A way to pretend to have “cooked” when you are eating leftover curry.

Takes no longer than rice, and maybe nicer (especially if you are particularly bored of rice).

A possible reason to get flour rather than bread in next year’s Live Below The Line challenge.

I thought chapatis might be difficult. Bread is often difficult. Too be honest I don’t know what these are. They’re not pancakes (no egg and milk), but they’re not really bread (no yeast or other raising agent).

I followed this BBC recipe, if you can call it a recipe.  I didn’t have any wholemeal flour so I used plain flour. It was fine. All I need is some carb to dip in my liquid-ish curry.

Per chapati:

30g flour – pinch of salt – add water til you make a dough – roll out as thing as you can. No, thinner than that. Come on, you can roll thinner than that.

Heat up some ooil in a frying pan. Fry your rolled-out flour until it goes bubbly and a bit brown. Dip it into curry.

Chapatis and curry


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