Live Below The Line 2015 – Day 5

It’s nearly over!

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I’ll do my “what I’ve learned” post later ater I’ve had time to reflect. For now this’ll be a general “how I feel today” post.

Breakfast – more smoothie. I might make more of this.

breakfast smoothie

The only trouble with the smoothie is that is uses both my banana and my yoghurt, so I have no snack.

Lunch – I saved two eggs so I could have a NICE lunch on my last day.

eggs and mess

Eggs in tomatoes, with toast. Messily assembled using work microwave and toaster. I think my colleagues thought I was a bit bonkers. Two eggs is a treat though so I don’t care.

Dinner – more fauxsotto – made at the same time as the last lot and frozen. I didn’t eat all of this, because I wasn’t starving and it was even claggier after freezing and reheating.


I felt OK today, much more alive than I have the past couple of days, and I’m not sure how much of this is due to

  • Finally being over my no-caffeine headaches
  • Having two eggs at lunchtime and so having some protein
  • Knowing that it’s nearly over.

Food that I have left:

  • Sweetcorn extracted from the mixed veg – never came up with a plan for this
  • Rice – not a surprise!
  • Some bread – frozen just in case, but miraculously the non-frozen portion is not mouldy
  • 3 stock cubes
  • 1/6 of a tub of cream cheese – I calculated that I had 6 cheese-requiring meals, but missed one because I didn’t eat
  • 1 portion of the baby-food/sick soup – I will NOT be eating this and I am profoundly grateful to live in a world where I do not have to

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