Live Below The Line 2015 – Day 4

I am very glad it’s day 4.

Shopping list here

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This morning I left for work early in order to look round Aldi and see if there was anything I could buy with my remaining 14p. The ONLY thing for 14p or under was “single banana”. The bananas were all green, probably wouldn’t be nice by tomorrow, and I don’t WANT another bloody banana, I want something DIFFERENT. #sulk

Looking around I had a few good ideas for next year’s below the line challenge, but one thing that the discount supermarkets do not do is loose fruit and veg – everything is packaged. I wish we had a superarket where you weigh your own veg and put a sticker on it (as I’ve seen in France) – it would make this kind of thing much easer rather than guessing the weight of an onion and then hoping it adds up at the till (one of the reasons I haven’t bought much fresh produce – it’s too tricky to budget).

Lunch at work, baked beans with toast and cheese spread.beans and toast

I think I got a few extra donations eating this, but actually it was quite enjoyable. I think my expectations of “a nice meal” have gone WAY down.

After work I went to Lidl to see if there was anything there for 14p. On the way, I found 5p on the ground. A quick poll of Twitter said I was alloed to use it, bringing my spendable total up to 19p. I COULD have gone bak to Aldi to spend that on a bit of discounted easter chocolate, but instead I continued to Lidl. Lidl was marginally worse than Aldi for “things under 20p” – if I’d only had my 14p I would have had to go back to Aldi and get that banana, or to Sainsbury’s and guess the weight of a carrot or something (no idea what I’d have done with the carrot, maybe just crunched it raw).

18p noodles

Look up the top – cheap cheap cheap noodles for 18p.


And that magical word – spicy! If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that I grow chilli plants. I’ve decided that my chillies do not count as “free” because money has gone into them – I’m not raiding store cupboard ingredients at all for this challenge. I love spicy food and until today I’d forgotten how much difference a bit of spice can make to a meal.

noodles and peas

Noodles and peas (extracted from the frozen mixed veg, which is now all used up).

The best thing about that 5p? It saved me from another portion of the looks-like-sick-tastes-like-baby-food soup.

So this day turned out much better than expected!

I’ve also had a lovely treat of a “nice drink” – the first drink of anything except water.

banana milkshake

I didn’t eat my breakfast banana this morning, so I’ve blended it with half of tomorrow’s breakfast yoghurt and a bit of water to make a banana-and-peach milkshake.

I have 2 eggs saved for my last day tomorrow – yippeee.


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