Live Below The Line 2015 – Day 3

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You don’t want me to put up a picture of a yoghurt and a banana every day, do you?

Yoghurt for breakfast, saved banana til later.

Lunch was the first repeated “proper meal” (I don’t count breakfast).

egg fried rice

Here is how it looked in the pan when I cooked it last night. I cooked the (single) egg separately and put it on top, to give a bit more variation to the texture. It didn’t look quite so appealing at lunchtime in a microwaveable tub. I burned the bottom a bit to give it some crunch and it was pretty satisfying – I think the protein added by the egg makes a big difference (next year: more protein!).

carrot soup

Dinner was carrot soup. Carrots extracted from the mixed veg. Rice to bulk out. Looks a bit like sick. Tastes a bit like baby food. Bleh. Toast with cheese spread is not so bleh. Didn’t finish the soup – apparently I’m not THAT hungry.

Coffee headaches again this afternoon, but it gets better after about 4:30. I think at that point my body gives up and knows it’s not getting any coffee no matter what it does. Also my back aches, but I can’t imagine how that would be related.


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