Live Below The Line 2015 – Day 2

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Today I’ve been at work. And I’ve really noticed the lack of caffeine. I’ve had a low-level headache most of the day, and I found it a bit hard to concentrate mid afternoon.

i’m not normally much of a breakfast person so I didn’t put too much thought into my breakfasts here.

basic breakfast

A friend was shocked at the amount of sugar in one of these, but a Ski Smooth (the most similar “branded” yoghurt I could see) has 15.8g of sugar per pot so apparently this is “normal”.

For lunch I’ve made some fake risotto (fauxsotto?), which I’ll also be having on Wednesday.

fauxsottoThis tempting creation is made of rice simmered with a stock cube until it goes mushy, with the green parts of the mixed veg (peas and green beans) mixed in. 1/6 of my pot of cheese spread is put on top. The whole lot is then microwaved at lunchtime at work.

The only thing I am not counting and measuring and rationing is the rice – everything else is being portioned out to make sure that I don’t run out.

For dinner I am extravagantly having TWO eggs. This is the nicest dinner of the whole week, and I’ll be having it again on Thursday night. I eat this for brunch quite often, but usually with pitta bread, free range eggs, and some spices (the tomatoes are still value range though).

tomatoe egg and toastThe trick here is not to overcook the egg yolks, otherwise you’ll feel sad. I achieved this by separating the white and yolk, cooking the white in the tomatoes, and adding the egg at the last minute. Ideally you should also not break the yolk, but ho hey. The sad “toast with nothing on it” looks a little forlorn but if I were having pitta bread I wouldn’t have buttered that so really it’s fine. Ciabatta works well too. Or any kind of bread that toasts nicely, really.


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