Live Below The Line 2015 – day 1

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I didn’t get around to doing shopping yesterday, so I missed breakfast and just drank some water before going to the shop.

This means that when the 80p mixed veg was sold out I just dropped my planned “treat” (35p chocolate) rather than thinking about whether mixed veg was the best use of my £1.20. I may regret this later.

rice lunch

Here’s my lunch – egg-fried rice: rice, frozen mixed veg, one egg, one stock cube for flavour.

beans near toast

And here’s dinner – half a tin of beans, 3 slices of brown toast with cheese spread. I refer beans to be NEAR toast rather than ON toast.The bread I have is cut very thinly, so I feel like I need at least 3 slices to have a decent amount.

I’ve drunk a lot of water. I’m a bit bored but not starving. More insightful pronouncements like this coming up soon!


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