2015 book challenge – #9 – A Million Years In A Day

First post of 2015 book challenge is here

Book 9 of the 2015 book challenge is A Million Years In A Day by Greg Jenner.

I do remember where I was told to read this book, and it was Twitter. Authors please note – I read stuff if it’s written by someone I follow on Twitter. Especially if it is 99p. Especially if you link to UK Amazon. (I don’t think this was 99p though).

I enjoyed this book, in the same way that I think I’d enjoy the Horrible Histories shows if I had a tame 9 yr old to give me an excuse to watch them (the author’s day job is involved in these shows, I didn’t just pick them out of the blue). The premise is to go through a “typical” Saturday and look at every action, from eating breakfast to walking the dog to putting on clothes, and consider when we first started doing this and how the way we do it has changed throughout history.

This reminds me a lot of Bill Bryson’s “At Home”, which takes a similar approach to the rooms of a house. Bill Bryson is high up my list of imaginary dinner party guests, so this is high praise! If Bill Bryson swore a little more and made more Star Wars references, you could almost imagine this was his work.

Engaging, amusing, and educational. Recommended.


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