2015 book challenge – #8 – How To Be A Heroine

First in the 2015 book challenge is here.

I am afraid I don’t remember where I was told to read this. I strongly suspect it may have been Twitter.

How to be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis started with a question of “aren’t you too old to still prefer Cathy from Wuthering Heights over Jane Eyre?”

As a pragmatist, I’ve always thought that Wuthering Heights was depressing. It’s full of overly-dramatic horrible people making each other miserable.

This book was very entertaining and made me want to expand on my reading of “classic” (for a certain value of classic) literary heroines.

The author takes us through her childhood, teenagehood, and growing-up, through re-reading her favourite books of the time and reflecting on what she learned from the heroines in each. I am sceptical that she truly remembers when she first read each of these books and how she felt about them, but many people do have much more specific memories than I do about that kind of thing, and the story and narrative is more important than it being actual true truth.

If you like reading TV Tropes, and if you’ve read at least half of the books mentioned, you will enjoy this. If you haven’t read the books, or at least heard of them vaguely (as I had with Lace, Valley of the Dolls, The Bell Jar, etc), it probably won’t make a lot of sense.


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