Tuesday Playlist – unhappy in an empty house

That sounds like a depressing title, sorry.

I happened to notice the other day that the music videos to a number of songs that I like follow a theme. Th theme of I am alone in an empty house and I’m not so happy about it.

So this is an excuse to show you some music videos.

#1 – Stay (I Missed You) – Lisa Loeb

If I said “Lisa Loeb” to you, you might think that you didn’t know who I meant. But you DO.

This is a classic empty house (flat?), hardly any furniture, cat in the background.

#2 – Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

This house doesn’t start out so empty, but by the end it’s being dismantled.

Some might say that it’s not even empty, there’s a man there, but I think he is in her mind.

#3 – I Want Love – Elton John (ft. the face but not voice of Robert Downey Jr)

Do you remember in Friends when Phoebe made a music video for Smelly Cat and they used someone else’s voice, because Phoebe looked good but couldn’t sing? Well Elton John can do that kind of thing to himself, because he can.

This empty house is more of a mansion, but what do you expect Elton John to live in?


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