2015 book challenge – #5 – The Frog Prince

You’re going to think I’m cheating, sneaking some nice easy chick-lit into my book challenge when I’m only on #5, but I have a good reason. The author came to my workplace to do “research” before writing it!

(recap of the 2015 book challenge is here)

Frog Prince

The Frog Prince by Sophie Ranald is, as I’ve said and as you can tell from the cover, “chick lit”. Modern romance. It’s a perfectly decent example of the genre, and if you like that sort of thing you might like this. It’s not an amazing example, and it’s unlikely to convert anyone who doesn’t already know that this is their kind of book.

I enjoyed the book, but what took it from “fine” to “fun” for me was spotting the references that had clearly come from the author’s experiences with my company. In some cases she was clearly playing on the stereotypes of the industry, which to be fair are mainly based in fact. In other cases, most obviously the presence in the office of a 6 foot tall inflatable dinosaur with a girls’ name, this was entirely taken from my workplace.

Our dinosaur is called Lydia, by the way.


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