Vegan week continued (and 2-lentil daal recipe)

After a week of being “allowed” to eat whatever I want, here are a few things I’ve learned from vegan week:

  • Nothing is a good enough substitute for real milk in a cup of tea
  • But food manufacturers put milk into food far too often when they really don’t need to
  • I could live without meat (I probably won’t choose to though)
  • But I’d find it really hard to live without dairy and eggs
  • Avoiding dairy in particular is really inconvenient
  • I am going to eat more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods, at least for a while
  • I don’t cook my own dinner very often

Following on from that last point, there were quite a few things that I thought about cooking that I didn’t end up making during Vegan week, because I was eating out or because I was tired when I got home and only wanted to make something easy.

But non-vegans can eat vegan food whenever they like.

So when I discovered that a shop near me (which just looks like any other small grocery shop) actually had a wonderful collection of lentils and beans and things, I decided to make some daal.

Approximate recipe: 200g (that’s a guess, I chucked in just under half a bag) big yellow lentils, and the same of the small ones. A large onion, chopped. As much chopped garlic and chilli as you think is a good idea. Two stock cubes. A large dessert spoon (I’m totally guessing here, I just poured some in) each of cumin, coriander, and turmeric. A few dried curry leaves. Pour over some water. Turn on slow cooker. When water absorbed test for softness and add more if necessary. Repeat until it’s the texture you like, then add more salt.

This is not a “set and leave” slow cooker recipe, but if you paid attention to how much was “the correct” amount of water then you could set it and leave it the second time you made it.

The small lentils sort of dissolve into a thick sauce, while the big ones stay in shape.

Very tasty on its own, or with yoghurt if you are eating milk.

I could take a picture of the daal itself but it just looks like lumpy yellow stuff

I could take a picture of the daal itself but it just looks like lumpy yellow stuff


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