Feminist (and trans-friendly) graffiti

Note: contains swearing.

A bit more highbrow than the stereotypical call Polly for a good time or EO loves MD.

The Gladstone Arms (near Borough Tube) has papered the loo with extracts from etiquette books and vintage womens’ magazines. At times it’s hard to tell if they are real or parody.

One item: advising against using vulgar words, has been vandalised in a rather interesting manner.





Book: A few of the current vulgarisms in use today are:

  • Young ones, for children
  • Winder, for window
  • Pillet, for pillow
  • Haint, for has not
  • Gal, for girl
  • Fetch, for bring

Commenter #1: Cunt, for vagina

(It’s hard to tell if handwriting is in italic, but I’ve continued the pattern anyway)

Commenter #2: Cunt is a scientific term, not vulgarism or slang. Reclaim it ladies!

Commenter #3: A wonderful point, well made. EXCEPT. Please remember that not all women/ladies have cunts, and not all cunt owners are women/ladies. ESCAPE THE BINARY!


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