Vegan week – days 4 and 5

Day 4

Morning – I’m not really a breakfast person, and this week I’m quite glad. It’d be hard to have to THINK about food first thing in the morning. These not-cereal-bars from Nakd are pretty good, although I worry about having gooey brown stuff in my teeth.

Lunch – Persuade a bunch of people from work to go to Crussh for lunch. Even manage to get a Spanish person eating a vegetarian lunch! Butternut and spinach curry is very popular, as is veg chilli. So popular that both sell out and I end up eating a tofu miso soup. I’m not a fan of tofu. It’s just so meh.

Dinner – Risotto with broad beans. Would be better with parmesan, but that’s against the rules. Add extra salt instead.

Day 5

Lunch – What I really WANTED to do here was go to Borough Market and get dosas from a stall at the back near the church. (no idea what they are called sadly) Instead I have two meetings that block out lunchtime, so I have the leftovers from Day 3’s curry.

Dinner – Falafel wrap with hummous and veg and things. Discovered that some prosecco uses milk protein as a fining agent (WEIRD!) so picked Peroni instead at work happy hour.


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