Vegan week – days 2 and 3

Day 2

Morning –  I have an exercise class on Tuesday mornings, but I never feel like eating straight after getting up. Getting up at 6am just so I can have enough time to want breakfast sounds like a waste of sleeping time to me, so I’ll usually just have a glass of milk (in my mind milk = “food with everything in”). Almond milk is a decent replacement here, but I still can’t cope with it in coffee or tea.

Lunch –  The homemade soup and bread from last night, along with some hummous and carrot sticks that live in the office fridge. I’m lucky enough to work at the kind of place that has food around the office, but so much of it is sneakily non-vegan. Cereal bars etc almost all have some kind of milk or honey in them.

Dinner –  Went to the pub. Drank Meantime beer, which I checked on this vegan booze app. Had chips. Very pleased with myself at having foreseen this kind of situation and bought a couple of emergency Innocent Veg Pots – suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Vulcans.

Day 3

Morning – Really want a cup of tea with milk in.

Lunch – Office free lunch day – most people are getting sausage baps from Boston sausage – the vegan equivalent is a lentil burger which is actually very tasty.

Dinner –  Made a massive curry with sweet potato and chickpeas, with brown rice. Very tasty. Might be improved by yoghurt on top, but otherwise really not feeling deprived at all here.

Curry never looks terribly exciting but this was very tasty

Curry never looks terribly exciting but this was very tasty


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