Vegan week – day 1

It’s not an official “week” of anything, I’ve just decided to eat vegan for a (Mon-Fri) week, and I’ve roped in a few colleagues who thought it sounded interesting.

The plan is mainly to get out of a rut of eating all the same things. And maybe to be healthier or to be better to the planet, if I decide that I like choosing to eat plant-based foods.

Lunch: from Itsu – their detox* miso soup and veg maki rolls

Dinner: homemade (at the weekend) roasted pepper and tomato soup, tiger bread rolls, and banana coconut rice pudding (see below).

*It doesn’t detox you really because there’s no such thing, I have a working liver, but it’s a miso soup with noodles and veg dumplings and it was suddenly really cold like real November weather and I wanted something warm.

The rice pudding was very nice and autumnal, and very simple. I took 200g of risotto rice, 3 sliced bananas, covered with hot water and simmered until nearly done, then added 50g of coconut milk powder and 2 dessert spoons of brown sugar.

It was a bit gloopy and obviously massively stodgy but very satisfying.

Gloopy but tasty

Gloopy but tasty


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