Gnocchi and bacon hash

Not really much of a recipe – but a good storecupboard dinner.

Actually this was mostly freezer but “storecupboard” sounds like the right word anyway.


In chronological order:

  • Fill kettle, put to boil
  • Get out nonstick frying pan, and saucepan (nonstickness optional)
  • Chuck pack of bacon bits into frying pan, put on heat (I had frozen already-chopped-up lardons because I am lazy and they sell them in Lidl – otherwise cut up normal bacon with scissors)
  • Put pack of gnocchi (bought fresh then frozen) into saucepan – fill with boiling water and then boil – if yours is not frozen you’ll want to wait a bit because fresh ones don’t take long at all
  • Crush some garlic into the bacon – if your pan is not nonstick you might want to add some oil but in my pan the leaking fat from the bacon was plenty
  • Halve some cherry tomatoes, add to bacon pan
  • Rub bottom of bacon pan vigorously with wooden spoon so the nice bits come off and mix in – use a bit of the gnocchi water if you like
  • When gnocchi float, drain and put into bacon pan
  • Stir about a bit to get the gnocchi coated with the goo
  • (if there are two of you, do two eggs in a minute – there’s only one of me so I took half the food out and put it in a tub for tomorrow’s lunch)
  • Arrange the gnocchi nicely so you can crack an egg on top
  • IMPORTANT – cover pan with a big lid so the heat stays in – if you don’t do this there is NO WAY you will be able to get the white of the egg cooked without the yolk going hard
  • Try very hard to get a runny yolk
  • Try very hard to scoop into a bowl nicely without breaking the egg
  • EAT

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