Slow cooker roast beef

Beef in slow cooker

I forgot to take an “after” picture so you’ll have to make do with this “before” one, I’m afraid.

I live near a Lidl, and while they are great for fruit and veg (apples are apples, and in this shop sugarsnap peas are sugarsnap peas) I’ve always been a bit wary of the meat.

Technically I still can’t vouch for the meat, because this cooking method would be good for anything. I got a “beef roasting joint” at about £7 a kilo. No mention of what cut it was. This is slightly less than Sainsbury’s charge for their generic roasting joint (and they charge the same for brisket) so let’s assume it’s not anything amazing and that I’m not doing it a horrible disservice by slow-cooking it rather than roasting it rare.

I hardly ever bother to pre-brown meat for the slow cooker – especially when it’s going to be in a sauce, but this time I thought it would be worth it. I chucked the meat into a frying pan for a couple of minutes each side, chopped an onion and a couple of carrots very chunky to keep it off the base of the slow cooker, put the beef in and covered it with salt and pepper and thyme. I put about an inch of hot water in the bottom of the pot too. Then turned the slow cooker on high for 5 hours or so. Something like that anyway. The whole point of the slow cooker is that you DON’T have to pay too much attention

I used the liquid at the bottom to make gravy by bunging in some extra beef stock cube and cornflour – resulting in a bit of a “just stir it Una” situation with lumps, but a tasty gravy.


2 thoughts on “Slow cooker roast beef

  1. Yum, love roast beef. I’m always thinking of new things to put in the slow cooker and this may be a strong contender! 🙂

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