Three lip crayons (none of which I paid for)

It’s magazine freebie time again!

Well, two magazine freebies and one beauty box product.

Three lip crayons

I have always been much more about the eyes than the lips when it comes to makeup. Possibly because I used to have the most terrible overbite, so I didn’t want to draw attention to my mouth. Possibly because I came of age in a time of lipgloss and my hair always got stuck in it. Who knows?

In the last few weeks I have accidentally come into possession of not one, not two, but three lip crayons. And you know what? They’re rather nice.

The first (both chronologically and in the picture) came with the “August” (read – July) issue of Cosmopolitan. As I’ve said before, I generally only buy magazines if there is something that I like the look of on the cover. The name of the brand has worn off already – not a great advertisement for their quality, but this helpful blog says it’s something called New CID. The second was on Glamour magazine – they often have very good branded gifts and this was Clinique. The third was from a Birchbox (a gift try-lots-of-little-beauty-things box) and again was a brand I’ve not heard of – this time Laqa & co. t’s also called “lip lube”, which is rather offputting.

Smell: Cid – fruity and very sweet. Clinique – says “stawberry” on it but smells more like lipstick than the other two. Laqa – minty (weird but may give the appearance of “fresh breath”?).

Taste: Having grown up with Body Shop lip balm I have to check if they taste like they smell. The answer is “not really”.

Colour: Cid – a lightish neutral pink, not far off the colour of actual human lips. Clinique- a darker slightly more purple pink. Laqa – almost coral.

Colour staying: All – hardly any. But that’s OK really. Maybe a little more for the Clinique because of the darker colour.

Feel: All – soft but not sticky. Like a lip balm that comes in a stick. Not a chapstick though, a creamy one.

Am I converted? Maybe. But it’ll be a long time before I need to buy one!


3 thoughts on “Three lip crayons (none of which I paid for)

  1. I’m completely with you on eyes over lips; but these look lovely! Deff want to give them a go. I’d love if you’d give a blog a glance! Keep writing, Emma x

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