Review: Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

TL;DR – it works if you use it right

Body Shop ginger shampoo banana conditioner

Banoffee pie with ginger biscuit base anyone?

Longer version:

Dandruff is one of those yucky things that are more embarrassing than they should be. It’s not contagious, it doesn’t make you smell bad, but for some reason it’s really embarrassing. Maybe because it’s on your head. Maybe because it’s caused by a fungus (although I’m not sure how many people precisely know that). Or maybe it’s because everyone is secretly worried that they might have a little bit of it.

Skin constantly renews itself, which means that you’re always shedding skin everywhere. Your scalp is made of skin and is no exception. So when do you call it dandruff? I’ll have to get a bit gross here – when it starts being chunky – sorry, I told you it was gross.

So, does this stuff work? Yes. My scalp no longer has giant flakes of whiteness falling off it – or in my case stuck in my hair as curly hair tends to trap the “bits” (yep, gross again).

The important thing to remember is that this is medicine for your scalp, not just shampoo for washing your hair. So get in the shower, wet your hair, rub this in til it foams up, massage it into your scalp a bit, then do everything else while leaving it in contact with your scalp. Rinse, condition (conditioner is not magic, it’s just to make your hair easier to detangle afterwards). Repeat every 2 days or so.

I picked the banana conditioner because it’s silicone-free and therefore curly girl friendly, and also because I want to smell like a dessert. That’s a lie, I don’t even like ginger biscuits. It does seem to “go together” though and I have been strongly conditioned (pun unintended, it’s the only correct word) to feel that I need my shampoo and conditioner to “match” somehow.

Happy hair, or some other hair-based salutation 🙂


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