Making a train more like a plane

Now that I’m not commuting all the time, I want to make the times when I do take a longer train journey pleasant.

And who knows better about making a long journey bearable than the people who run planes?

Trains and planes are pretty similar in many ways. You sit in a seat, next to someone who haven’t chosen. You can walk about, but it’s discouraged. You can go to the loo, but it’s uncomfortable.

The major difference that I’m addressing here is that on planes, people bring you stuff. They may pretend that it’s because you might get hungry or thirsty, but really I think it’s just too distract you. “Everyone” hates airline food, but you always eat it. Or at least open the packets and fiddle with it.

I’m talking about the good kind of plane of course.

My instructions for making a train more like a plane

Basically this boils down to – get yourself some good technology, and go to M&S at the station


Wasabi peas!

The snack they give you when you reach cruising altitude


The pot of fruit was the most expensive individual item

The actual food


I suspect that Percy Pigs contain an ingredient that will in future be banned for being addictive

The sweeties


This one was not bought at the station

The entertainment system – especially good now that BBC iplayer lets you download shows to watch later.

And there you have it.


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