Chinese Dumpling Soup (cooking for one)

Now that I’m not commuting so much, you’d think that I’d have more time to cook, but it’s difficult to summon the same motivation when the only person who will say “yum, thanks” is you.

The shorter commute also brings the pub-dinner dilemma. Previously, if I went for even one drink (don’t laugh, it is theoretically possible that I might have just one drink), I knew I’d be home “late” so I may as well either eat at the pub or choose from one of the options available at King’s Cross. As a side note, the options at King’s Cross are really quite good now. Living under half an hour away, I can kid myself that I shouldn’t get pub dinner because I’ll be home “before I would have been home if I’d left on time, before” (do you follow?). Then I stay in the pub, discover that the food options on the Northern line are much less interesting than those at major train stations, and get home starving.

You don’t have to have been in the pub to make this, you don’t have to only be cooking for one, you don’t even have to be in a rush.

Things you need to keep in the house
Frozen Chinese dumplings
Tomato juice
Soy sauce


I bought these at the Chinese grocer

Things you can compromise on
Vegetables – you can use pretty much anything you have lying around


I try to always keep carrots and celery around for dipping in hummous

Your source of other flavour – chilli, garlic, ginger, onion, etc


This might work, might not, I picked it up when I bought the dumplings

Fry veg that need frying (e.g. onions)
Add tomato juice, other veg that need to be made softer, heat up
Add dumplings, simmer for a bit (the packet says to boil in water for 10-12 mins)
Add soft veg (e.g.  peppers) near the end
Eat from a large bowl with chopsticks and a spoon and soy sauce and plenty of napkins.


Big bowl of red. Very dark soy sauce is best


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