10 things I learned while flathunting

Random building giving advice

Random building giving advice

I looked at 10 houses/flats while searching. I don’t know if that’s a lot. I do know that I had two weeks where I didn’t get home before 10 any night (moving cities means long trains after evening visits). In the words of one colleague, I “caned it”, seeing lots of places and getting it sorted relatively quickly. I do highly recommend spareroom.co.uk – it’s a little like online dating but that’s a good thing, you can filter by number/age/gender of flatmates and other useful things as well as area and price.

I got turned down by a few places (there’s a lot of competition) and turned down a few myself, but I like to imagine that in each place I learned something new.

I haven’t actually thought this through entirely, so I hope it will work out.

HOUSE 1 I learned that I was going to be OK with the whole “sharing” thing, after not having done it for a few years.

HOUSE 2 I learned that some people think it’s a good idea to set up a visit without checking if the rest of the housemates are going to be in.

FLAT 3 I learned that it is possible for people to be “too quiet” for me to think I’d enjoy living with them (previously I had only considered “too loud” to be a potential problem)

FLAT 4 I learned that some people genuinely never eat on the sofa

FLAT 5 I got the details of a good pub quiz (although I haven’t yet tried it)

FLAT 6 I learned that giving 23 year olds the benefit of the doubt (they might not act that young really) is a waste of my time

HOUSE 7 I discovered that sometimes people build houses with huuuuge living/dining rooms and tiny kitchens

FLAT 8 I learned that some people are not competent when it comes to ticking or not ticking the “this flat has a living room” box on the website. If someone is using it as their bedroom, it’s not a living room.

FLAT 9 Is the one I’m now living in – I’m sure I’ll learn many things… No comment 😉

FLAT 10 I learned that having a dining table is very important to me (sadly the website didn’t have a checkbox for that)


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