New house, new me?

Not just a new house (flat, technically), but a new city.

After over two years of commuting, I’m moving to London. And of course I have a lot of ridiculous ideas what I’m going to do with the extra time and the new location.

I will…

– Walk to work sometimes, if it’s sunny (it’s just under an hour’s walk)
– Find a new gym and go there more than once a week. The only reason I don’t go much now is because I don’t get home til late. Uh-huh.
– Be tidier in the new (smaller) flat
– Eat more healthily and/or give up sugar and/or eat more vegetables and/or stop eating crisp sandwiches and/or eat more fish or something
– Spend weekends going for walks in the park, or visiting museums. Even though evidence suggests that nobody does this

Er, yeah. Totally going to do all that. Because it’s not just a new house, it’s a total personality transplant…


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