Pizza “Catherine wheels”

A blatant attempt to cash in on Bonfire Night, obviously.

A few weeks ago I made cinnamon buns from Recipe Rifle, and it struck me that savoury ones would make a great party food.

I’ve made basically the same bread dough recipe (250ml milk, 500g bread flour, yeast, salt) just without the sugar, and I put a few bit of dried basil in there. Knead it, let it rise, roll it out.

I knew that the dough had worked well because it was really hard to roll out – it kept coming back. These pizza wheels are for a two-or-three-bite party snack, not a big-doughy-eat-with-a-cup-of-coffee bun, so I divided the dough in two and rolled out two rectangles. When rolled each of these was cut into 16 pieces, making 32 altogether.

The dough was spread with tomato puree (just out of a tube, but feel free to make your own tomato sauce if you like, just don’t make it too wet), sprinkled with grated cheese (I had a packet of pre-grated “pizza cheese”, because at 2x250g for £3 it’s actually cheaper than buying cheese and grating it), and also some chopped herbs (rosemary and oregano from the garden, basil from the kitchen windowsill).

Mmm, pizzaish

The rolled buns rise for a bit then go into the oven at 180C until they look cooked. Don’t be tempted to put too much filling in otherwise it’ll ooze everywhere. I also remembered to not just grease the tin but to put in some greaseproof paper, which made picking them up much easier.

Pizza Catherine wheels

Off to make cheese stars now!


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