Beetroot and brie risotto

Another budget recipe from A Girl Called Jack, and a meat-free Monday too.

I have not cooked with beetroot before – I’ve only eaten the kind that comes in vinegar, so this will be a fun experiment. I have cooked risotto before though so I will be sticking to my usual lazy method (chuck in quite a lot of stock, use a non-stick saucepan, you don’tactually need to stand over it constantly).


250g beetroot – the kind that comes in a vacuum pack. Jack says to use this much for 4 people, there are only 2 of us, so this will be extra beetrooty, but the pack I bought was 500g (Tesco value) and just one sphere doesn’t look like a lot.

Roast it. For 20mins ish. With a bit of random herb.

Make risotto. Onion, garlic, butter, fry, add rice, stir, add a bit of red wine (because this isn’t going to be red enough?), add stock from a cube, stir as much as you can be bothered. Jack is using normal rice but I do like risotto rice (and I do have some in the house) so that’s what I’m using.

Mash roasted beetroot into risotto partway through cooking. Actually I didn’t mash, I decided that I’d rather have slight pinkness + lumps (texture and interest) rather than a homogenously pink risotto.

Put brie on top. I am using a lot more than 12g of brie per person, because I can. I like cheese. I also put in double garlic. I like garlic. I think the 75g of rice per person is correct though.

Beetroot risottoMmm, melty!



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