Why I love my Kindle (books vs kindle)

The case is scruffy – I’ve had it two and a half years. That book is about 4 inches deep.

I’ve just read Mummy Barrow explain why she loves books over a kindle.

I don’t disagree with any of her points – but I can’t bring myself to get sentimental over physical books. Some people are fussy about “breaking” the spine of a new book (note it’s not breaking at all, just bending so that you can see the bloody pages), others like the story told by the accumulated stains and bends and folded-down corners and pencil notes. I just see books as a way of getting words into my brain, via my eyes.

The one thing that books do have going for them is the ability to lend them – I love getting friends to read books and introducing them to new authors. But this can’t make up for the fundamental amazingness of the kindle. I can carry so many books!. In a small, thin thing that is easier to carry than most paperbacks, and a lot easier to carry than the hardback version of the latest book in a fantasy series that I’ve been reading that I had to get in hardback because it took years for the latest book to come out, I can carry the book I am reading right now, the book I think I want to read next, and a few spares in case when I finish this book I feel like something different. I’ve even been known to connect my kindle to the internet via my phone in order to get hold of a new book RIGHT NOW.

There’s nothing that a bunch of paper glued together can do to outweigh the amazingness of being able to carry lots of books all at once.

So that’s why I love my kindle,


PS – don’t get a Kindle Fire. A proper e-reader e-ink kindle does one thing very well. It lets you read books. A Kindle Fire is less good at that, but not good enough at other things. It’s not “like a kindle only better”, it’s “like a tablet only very locked down, with adverts on the lockscreen”.

PPS I’ve just seen the following quote “This 1000-page tome is the best argument you’ll have all year to get an e-reader, because you HAVE to have this book, but you might not be muscular enough to carry it around.” This relates to The Way of Kings, which I would heartily recommend if it weren’t for the fact that it’s #1 of a series where only one has been written. Go read the Mistborn books in the meantime, by that point maybe there will be more of these.


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