Bridget Jones – do you remember?

So, Bridget Jones is back!

There are lots of reviews of the new book, and I’m not exactly a book reviewer, so I’m going to have a little dip into nostalgia about the older book(s).

I first read the books around the time that the film came out, in the early 2000s, and I don’t think that I truly appreciated at the time how wonderfully 90s they were.

The film is funny in a way, as there was no indication that it was set in anything but the current year, but there were no mobile phones. In 2001, I had a mobile phone, there’s no way that a “top lawyer” (Darcy) or “super finance type person” (Jude) or “obsessive answerphone checker” (Bridget) wouldn’t have had one. The lack of mobile phones in films and TV shows is a known phenomenon though – Cher in Clueless had one before Buffy even started – because a missed message or engaged telephone is too good a plot point to give up.

Anyway, the books. I knew a number of people who took to saying “I’m just like Bridget”, to which the only sensible response is “Are you? Why are you saying that like you think it’s a good thing?” (she’s not supposed to be an aspirational figure), especially because my friends and I were the other side of our 20s at the time!

There are however a number of points that make me look back rather fondly –
Bridget’s discovery of smoothies. Healthy! All that one must do in order to be healthy is eat whatever one would normally and then top up vitamins with bottle of pureed fruit.
Bootleg trousers being a new thing. When I first expressed a desire to get some, my mum’s question was “But you don’t have any boots”.
The National Lottery. Particularly “instants”. Do you remember the first lottery? It was exciting.
1471. Do I recognise that number? Better call again and write it down  then cross reference against my address book. What area code is that? Do I know anyone in Birmingham? Oh no, phone is ringing, now mystery number is lost forever!
Chardonnay being the drink of choice.

If I read the latest book in another 20 years’ time, which aspects will feel nostalgic, either because “there was a time when that was new” or “that’s something that nobody has done for years”?

I’m going to put in a guess for Twitter (tip – nobody follows your because nobody knows you are there – interact with people!), botox, skinny jeans and big scarves (wonder if she got a Mumsnet scarf), vodka with red bull.


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