Cheese and onion drop scones for brunch

This recipe from A Girl Called Jack, who is to be highly recommended for her budget recipes.

I think that “drop scones” are basically “thick pancakes”, and they may be nearly the same thing as “Welsh cakes”. I had a friend at university who used to make Welsh cakes (he was Welsh, yes), one of the few sweet items that were doable on the two-ring electric hobs that were the only supplied source of heat to cook with. We clubbed together and bought a microwave, but I don’t think we discovered the recipe for the microwave chocolate mug cake.

So, mix up the batter as Jack tells you. It will look runny. Don’t worry. Get the oil hot. I don’t have a tablespoon so I blobbed a dessert spoon full of batter into the pan and then another blob on top of that, and it worked fine. Wait till you can see that the bottom edge is going brown, flip, cook a bit more.

This amount of batter (100g flour, 100g milk, 1 egg) made 7 pieces for me, which worked out well as I could split them 3:4 with someone who needs more food than me. I find it really difficult to say “you are larger than me and have more muscle so you need more food” when I’ve just cooked something lovely. Even though it’s true. I am greedy and it is nice and I want to eat lots! At least half!

I cooked two at a time in my best non-stick frying pan (3 at the end) and just piled them up on a plate. By the last batch most of the oil was gone. They cooked okay but didn’t quite have the same texture on the outside. So if you wanted to dry fry these in a non-stick pan for health reasons you could, but it wouldn’t be quite as tasty.

That’s a pretty obvious statement isn’t it? Things are tastier with fat. Yep.

I ate these with baked beans for brunch. I would make them again. They’ll do well for weekend mornings when I don’t have any bread, do have hunger, but don’t have the motivation to get dressed and go to the shop.


2 thoughts on “Cheese and onion drop scones for brunch

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