Thomasina Miers spicy bird tacos (and accompaniments)

Thomasina Miers Mexican Food Made Simple

I make salsa and guacamole a lot. Tomatoes and chillis and stuff. Avocado and garlic and lime. Why do I need a recipe? I don’t, but I bought this book, because I love Mexican food. So I thought I’d better actually pay attention to what’s written in it.

I’ve never been to Wahaca (despite working in London!) so I wanted to buy the general “make nice food” book rather than this “this is what is in the restaurant” book.

Guacamole and salsaEvery one is different – here I made guacamole to a recipe with no tomatoes, and lots of coriander. I thought it was a bit odd that the recipe insisted on green chillis but then used red onion, but hey ho. A different, fresher, more herbal (duh, because of all the herbs) flavour. I liked it but it won’t take over from my usual guacamole.

The salsa is a roasted tomato salsa, but “roasted” actually means “dry fried”. This gave the salsa a very rich flavour and I’d definitely do it again. Top tip: if you dry fry a whole chilli the skin will split with a surprisingly large BANG. Cut it open first.

Spicy bird tacos with pink pickled onionsTips for the spicy bird tacos:

  • for poached chicken I just stuck two frozen chicken breasts in simmering water until they looked done.
  • leave the room when you are boiling your chipotles for chipotles en adobo
  • don’t forget to tell your other half that you want to KEEP that jar, otherwise you will have to fish the jar out of the recycling and improvise a lid
  • this sauce tasted kind of sweet, I might do less sugar in the chipotles and less
  • homegrown herbs are easy and make you fee smug when you get to use them
  • the pink pickled onions are a great accompaniment

So yes. Yum. Dinner. More interesting than a fajita kit. More work, too, but worth it if you like that kind of thing. Which I do.


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