A virtual “What’s in your handbag?”

The modern equivalent of “What’s in your handbag?” is “What tabs are open in your browser?”

I’ve seen a few “What’s in your handbag?” features over the years  and one or two “What’s in your fridge?”. I’ve generally suspected them to be lies, or at least to be idealised versions of the truth. They rarely mention fluffy sweets that fell out of the packet into the bottom of your handbag, or mouldy jars of chutney that you don’t yet know are mouldy because you haven’t opened them for six months.

I have a very modest 13 tabs open right now (excluding the one I’m about to open looking for the statistic I’m about to quote). I’m very bad at leaving tabs open. If I follow a link from Twitter and then hit the back button on my phone when I’m done, it automatically closes the page that I was looking at, but even so I often seem to end up with 50 or more. I read that having lots of tabs open drains your battery, so that’s a good reason to try to stop it! (I’ve now tried and failed to find the link where I read that – someone posted it on Facebook and I didn’t take note of where our came from)

So here’s my handbag confessional – starting from most recent first.

1 XKCD what if – if someone in the international space station was listening to “I would walk 500 miles”, they’d travel 1,000 miles while the song was playing.

2 Boak and Bailey’s beer blog – I clicked on this on Twitter but was in a bad signal part of my train ride so I haven’t actually read this yet.

3 Wired on a new golden age for UI design – a bit long but interesting, I sent this to the UX mailing list at work.

4 List of The Tudors episodes on Wikipedia – I have been enjoying The White Queen so I thought I’d start watching this. Disappointingly very few people are as ginger as they should be.

5 Meteor watch times for the ISS passing over – you can probably guess why I was looking at this…

6 Denise Black on Wikipedia – looking her up because she’s on Celebrity Masterchef.

7 BBC good food spinach soup recipe – I haven’t cooked this, and I’m not really planning to, but I had to look out up because my mum has just learned to Google and she said she had looked for a soup recipe to use the spinach from the allotment.

8 First Capital Connect – looking at train schedule alterations.

9 Taunton on Wikipedia – the town where I went to sixth form. So that when someone said “they’re from Taunton, you might know them” I could accurately quote “Somerset isn’t THAT small, there are X thousand people in Taunton!”

10 Recipe Rifle – I love Esther Walker’s blog. Go read it. It’s only sometimes about recipes. But it’s always engaging and often funny. Why are you reading this when you could be reading her stuff instead?

11 Lancashire Manor Hotel – the contact details page for when we were stuck on the M6 and thought we’d be late.

12 Highways Agency – for checking out the traffic on the M6.I recommend this site, it loads quickly when you have little signal on a random motorway, and it gives good info.

13 The Ashes live scores – for entertainment while stuck on the aforementioned motorway.

That’s what’s in my virtual handbag, what’s in yours?


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