“Speedy crispy” oat and raisin biscuits

A recipe from Baking Stuff, Mostly Averagely, called “Speedy crispy oat and orange biscuits”.

I didn’t have any orange, but I added raisins. I didn’t actually think that these were noticeably speedier than any other biscuits really, but maybe there are some slow biscuit recipes out there that I’m not aware of.

You should go check out the other blog for the actual recipe – I’ll just tell you my changes.

  • I missed out the orange and added raisins instead
  • I didn’t have to send my mum to get greaseproof paper (which is good because she lives over 200 miles away)
  • I don’t have a cute dog picture for you (sorry)
  • I will add that you should take these out of the oven while they still feel very soft
  • I would change their name from “biscuits” to “semi-flapjacks”, because that’s how they seem. Like little individual flapjacks
  • Actually they’re not that little, they spread quite a bit during cooking
Sorry, no cute dog, just biscuits

Sorry, no cute dog, just biscuits



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