Do you know what a Mexican elbow is?

It sounds like an injury or illness, and possibly a racist one at that.

It makes me think of a brand of whiskey called Monkey Shoulder that refers to an injury suffered by “malt men” turning barley with shovels.

Monkey shoulder

A Mexican elbow is also drink-related, because it is one of these:

Mexican elbow

It’s a lime squeezer. I suppose you could also squeeze lemons and make lemon drizzle cake, but that’s not why I have it. It’s to squeeze limes and make drinks.

I already have a wooden implement called (rather scarily) a “reamer”, but this promises to get more juice per lime.


So, if you’ve got a lime squeezer what do you do? Make cocktails of course!

Number one is the classic margarita: we did this with 2 tequila: 2 lime juice: 1 cointreau. So each person got 50ml tequila, 1 lime’s worth of juice, 25ml cointreau. Yes, it’s strong. “Proper” cocktails, the kid that come in pointy glasses, nearly always are. Do you know what a martini is? It’s a glass of gin. That’s basically it. A big old glass of gin, with a mere hint of other stuff.

Squeeeeze that lime.

Squeeeeze that lime.

Shakey shakey shakey, and here’s your margarita.

Pouring the margarita

Number two is a cosmopolitan. Yes I know they drank them on Sex and the City, and it’s pink, but that doesn’t mean it’s a “girly drink”. It should not be sweet, and it should only be very pale pink, not bright pink.

Our proportions are 2 vodka : 1 cointreau : 1 lime : 2 cranberry – so each person here gets 50ml vodka, 25ml cointreau, juice of half a lime, 50ml cranberry.

Cosmopolitans – not as pink as you might think

After that I stopped taking pictures 🙂


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