I love my slow cooker – slow cooker soda bread

As you may remember, I don’t have the greatest track record with bread (no knead bread part 1 and part 2). But I’m nothing if not optimistic.

Actually that’s a lie, I’m not particularly optimistic at all. It was once said of me that where some people see things through rose-tinted glasses, my glasses were mustard-coloured.

But in this case I am optimistic. One day I will make a nice bread.

I wasn’t looking for bread this time, it came to me in the form of a tweeted blog post from plus2point4 on slow cooker soda bread.

I am a big fan of my slow cooker, and I like a recipe that says only “knead briefly” so I thought I’d give it a go. As I write this I haven’t seen the results so I can’t do any clever foreshadowing about the result.

I used this tip to fake butttermilk because buttermilk is not something that I find easy to get hold of, and I added some seeds into the mix to make the bread more interesting. I looked at a few other soda bread recipes and they all included bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), so I am feeling a little apprehensive as to whether this “soda bread with no soda” is going to work out.

I also discovered that plus2point4 has a bigger slowcooker than me (she told me on Twitter than she has 3!) because none of my loaf tins would fit in, so I improvised with a foil takeaway tray. I have them for making potato dauphinoise, because my boyfriend claims that there is no potato product that is worth the washing up pain that is caused by making dauphinoise in a non-disposable container.

Wish me luck!


After the prescribed 3 hours I checked out the bread and it seemed little soggy so I transferred to to the over (with the tinfoil off) to dry out a bt and maybe get more of a crust.

Slow cooker dwarf bread

Slow cooker dwarf bread

We have dwarf bread.

Rather nice dwarf bread, but dwarf bread nonetheless. I’m getting pretty good at dwarf bread 🙂


2 thoughts on “I love my slow cooker – slow cooker soda bread

  1. Actually tasting this the next day it tasted a little weird. I couldn’t describe the “weird” very well, and some people said “soda bread always tastes a bit odd” so maybe that’s normal?

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