I love my slow cooker – Chinese duck pancakes

Not in time for Chinese New Year, or even for pancake day. But never mind. You probably had pancakes with lemon and sugar on pancake day and would have thought that I was mad for suggesting this anyway. If you are going to follow a ritual relating to a legend that you don’t believe in (I’d guess that the majority of people reading this don’t believe in the reality of Jesus spending 40 days in the desert), in a manner that is no longer meaningful (eggs are not exactly a luxury to be used up these days), then you should at least follow it in the proper traditional manner. I heard the other day, on Saturday Kitchen or some similar thing, that making property crispy duck requires a wood fired oven and three days notice. This is most definitely not making it properly. But it’s pretty tasty, and you know how I feel about authenticity .


Put duck legs in slow cooker. Shake on some Chinese five spice.


Turn on slow cooker. Wait.


Pull apart with two forks.


Eat with cucumber and spring onion and hoi sin sauce (or plum sauce) in pancake wrap thingys.


2 thoughts on “I love my slow cooker – Chinese duck pancakes

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