Nails Inc lucky dip

A foray into frivolity today. It’s raining too much to go to the shop for a trashy magazine, and none of those I’ve seen recently have had any good freebies so I’d have to come up with some other excuse for buying one.

Instead let’s look at some pretty nail varnish.


I got these as part of a “Lucky Dip” – £15 for 6 different colours. This is a pretty good deal as the Nails Inc nail varnishes usually cost £11 a go. You don’t get to choose of course, and might hate all of the colours you get, but I wouldn’t let a thing like that stop me!

I don’t think I have ever actually paid £11 to choose a Nails Inc nail varnish colour for myself. I have quite a few, but they’ve either been gifts, free with a magazine, or from a strange offer in Boots where buying two bottles of Diet Coke got you a free nail varnish. As you know I love freebies so when I see these on magazines I often end up buying 3 or 4 of the same magazine to get all the colours.

You may notice that there are two the same at the end there – I emailed and have been promised another one – one that will not be the same as any I received.

One thing you won’t see from the picture is the names of the colours. I had to write these down in order to say “my lucky dip already has these colours so don’t send me another”. Nails Inc is London-based and all of the names are places. I wonder how much thought they put into this, and if they’ll ever create a colour and think I just don’t know anywhere that adequately represents pink with green flecks, we have run out of roads.

  • Camden – black crackle – Camden is on the Northern line (black) and is all cool and punky grungy emo alternativeish
  • Fitzroy Square – greeny blue sparkle – a posh Georgian square with trees in, so that’s green
  • Royal Ascot – bright light red – that’s some horse races, the Queen goes, her guards wear red
  • Blenheim Terrace – peachy – the first thing that Google gave for this was a restaurant, maybe you need to have neutral classy nails there?
  • St Marks Square – iridescent lilac – this is either in Lincoln or in Venice…

That started out well, but I’m beginning to think that they are just playing MadLibs with words and road/court/square/avenue.


4 thoughts on “Nails Inc lucky dip

  1. I love this brand of nail polish. Got some at Sephora and the colors turned out really nice.

    – KW

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