Bacon and broad bean risotto

This counts as both a “storecupboard recipe” (or fridge and freezer anyway – it uses frozen broad beans, and bacon keeps for ages and also a “didn’t read the recipe” recipe.

On Saturday The Times came with a little leaflet of “the only recipes you’ll ever need”, full of “the only 4 thingy recipes you’ll ever need” and “the only 4 wotsit recipes you’ll ever need”.

Not that kind of wotsit

Not that kind of wotsit

I skimmed through is and decided “that sounds nice” without actually reading what the recipe said. I do this a lot. I see the title and the picture and skip straight to “I could make that”.

4 risotto recipes

Looks easy enough

In order to get the most bacony goodness out of my bacon I’m going to fry my bacon first (4 rashers, half a pack, you could use a whole pack if you wanted). Top tip – cut bacon using scissors – it’s easier and you don’t have to wash a chopping board.

Bacon frying

Bacon frying

When the bacon is crispy and there is brown gooey stuff over the bottom of the pan I take my bacon out and put it in a bowl. The gooey brown stuff will go back into the risotto and be tasty.

Now fry some onion (half a big one, the whole of a medium one) until soft, add risotto rice (150g – this is for 2 people) and start adding stock. You are supposed to add the stock very very slowly and stir constantly, but who can be bothered with that? I use a nonstick pan from this John Lewis “The Pan” range and it all turns out fine. I like Knorr gel stock pot thingys more than stock cubes, but feel free to use stock cubes or powder or freshly-boiled-up chicken or whatever makes you happy.

You’re not supposed to boil risotto either, you’re supposed to gently simmer or something, but whatever.

After about 10 minutes add some frozen broad beans – I didn’t measure this at all, just chucked them in, you can see by this point how big it is going to be.

Keep adding stock and stirring until it is the consistency you want – some people like their risotto a bit soupy, then stir the bacon back in at the last minute (so that it keeps some of its crispyness) and sprinkle parmesan on top.

It looks a bit pale here but it was lovely.


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