Egg fried rice with stuff

I say “stuff” because you can put all kinds of things in this.

This is a great meal for when you have a bunch of things in the fridge that need eating.

I had
* cold chicken from a roast
* half a tin of water chestnuts
* one carrot
* half a white onion
* one red onion
* the insides of some baby gem lettuces
*half a packet of sugar snap peas
* a red pepper

Divide your ingredients into three – things that need cooking, things that need cooking but you don’t want to overcook, things that can be a salad.

Boil kettle, put rice on to cook.

Put things that need cooking into a large pan, ideally nonstick. For me that was the chicken, the half a white onion, half of the red onion, the water chestnuts, some garlic and some chilli. I used sesame oil because I have it and it’s tasty, but any oil will do. Start cooking.


Chop up the things that need cooking less – in my case the red pepper and the peas – then throw them in.


Chop up the things that are going to be a salad – the lettuce, the other half of the red onion, the carrot (I used my peeler to make long slithers of carrot). I dressed the salad with lime juice and Thai fish sauce.

Drain the rice (assuming it is done) and stir the rice into the veg. Then push the rice and stuff mix to the side of the frying pan and add an egg or two.


Mess about with the egg as if you are making scrambled eggs. When the egg is nearly cooked, stir everything together. If you do this too soon everything will be a bit gloopy, which is not ideal but also not really the end of the world.


Eat with chopsticks and soy sauce and chilli sauce. And with the smug feeling of having made dinner or off leftovers. If you can’t use chopsticks, try! Just for a little bit. Then you can go get a knife. But try a little bit, then next time try for a bit more. Chopsticks are fun, and this should all stick together enough to pick up easily.


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