Jamie’s 15 minute meals – Chilli con meatballs

Another “more than 15 minutes but less washing up” this time with Chilli con carne meatballs.

I actually did this recipe first before I had the book. I loaded up the episode on 4OD and cooked along with Jamie, occasionally yelling “PAUSE” or “cheater, he already boiled the kettle”. It took about 25 minutes, but created loads of washing up. It’s a lot easier with the book.

The essence of the recipe is this:

bulgur wheat

Bulgur wheat in a pan (about 75g per person) with 2x the volume of hot water and a preserved brined lemon. (he uses these lemons a lot)

meatballs frying100g of mince per person, mush it about with some garam masala, make meatballs and fry them.

“Wazz up” passata and jarred roasted pepper and fresh (or frozen) coriander and spring onions and smoked paprika and some other stuff in your blender then it put into a 3rd pan.

I did not do this.

Instead I waited til the meatballs were cooked and tipped them out into a bowl. I then cooked the kidney beans in the meaty pan til they started to explode and tipped them out into the bowl full of meatballs. I then put the sauce ingredients into my meatball pan, used a hand blender (easy to rinse, much simpler than a full-on blender) to blitz them a little, and added back the meatballs and kidney beans.

meatballs in sauceThe meatballs cook a little longer in the sauce.

I didn’t sprinkle over fresh coriander because fresh coriander will not grow for me.

You are supposed to mush the lemon into the bulgur wheat, which makes it nice and lemony but the bits of lemon that you find on your fork are not that nice.

meatballs on a plateI did put a blob of sour cream (actually half-fat creme fraiche because I am convinced they are the same thing) on top.

This took about half an hour, a perfectly reasonable time, and I didn’t have to wash up 3 pans and a blender, or scream “PAUSE you cheater!”.

In fact I didn’t have to wash up any of it (the person who cooks shouldn’t have to wash up!), but I still feel that 3 pans and a blender for one weekday evening “fast” meal is a bit excessive.

I can definitely recommend this meal by the way – it’s very tasty. Jamie chars red chillis on his gas stove top, I just chopped mine and added them to the sauce.


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