Tomato soup and more “no knead” bread

A two-part post today, one part successful and one not so successful. Guess which is which. Actually don’t bother. It’s pretty hard to get soup wrong. (I see myself setting up here for a big soup failure… but I promise I don’t have a failed-soup post ready for predetermined irony)


After making dwarf bread using a previous no-knead bread recipe I was told that leaving dough overnight does something to the gluten that encourages it all to stretch out and be more bread-like. The gluten matures or breaks down, or something good like that. This is especially useful when I don’t have an airing cupboard for proper rising, and I don’t have the attention span for proper kneading. So I looked for an overnight recipe for no-knead bread and found on by Zurie on

Mix up flour/yeast/salt/sugar (I added some herbs too) with warm water. Leave overnight. Poke it about a bit to deflate. Leave 2 more hours. Cook in a bit casserole dish with the lid on, then take the lid off for a bit. Ta-dah. Apparently.

Here’s the dough in the bowl (looks a bit sloppy).

And here it is in the dish (definitely a bit runny)

And here it is cooked. Looks OK, huh? Good colour and everything.

Unfortunately I seem to have made a flattish bready stretchy thing. Unfortunately for me that is. Not so unfortunately for you, because I know you like it best when things go wrong. It’s chewy and stretchy (not chewy and dense like the dwarf bread) and it’s pleasant enough to eat but I don’t think I’ll be able to cut it into slices.

I think I may have undercooked it, and I might have made it too wet in the first place. The Oatmeal has something to say on measuring in imperial (how big is “a cup”?), and I generally object to measuring solids by volume. 750ml of flour (at least the recipe specifies the size of cup) could be more or less flour depending on how well it’s packed down. I have a book called Cooking for Geeks in which 10 people all measured out “a cup” of flour and the resulting weight of flour varies hugely. So maybe it’s my fault for putting in too much flour, and maybe it’s the fault of the recipe for not giving me a weight. I’ll use less water next time anyway.


I mentioned tomato and chilli soup in this post on country soup (I haven’t made any more country soup since, it was a bit meh). I cooked another ham in the slow cooker wanted to do something nice with the ham juice. You could use stock (or a stock cube in some water, which is what I generally use when “stock” is required)

This soup is… onion, garlic, chilli, tomatoes from a tin or carton, a few halved cherry tomatoes if you have them, pearl barley, stock. I can’t tell you how much because the answer is just “some” of each. If I tell you how much garlic to use you’ll just look at me in horror and ask how I ever kiss anyone. The answer is to only kiss people who have also been eating the garlicy dish!

Here is it boiling away. You need to cook this for a while to get the pearl barley to go soft. This also means that the chilli-ness will spread throughout the soup, and not be confined just to the bits of chilli. This is a GOOD THING!

Right, off to eat it.


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